Our staff

At Glenore Grove SS we have a highly skilled staff of educations that are a cohesive team who put student needs as their priority.  Staff are approachable and help to create the welcoming culture at our school. 
Renee Heathwood-Brunskill - Principal
Renee has been principal at the school since the end of 2014.  She has worked for the Education Department for 2 decades and previously has filled the roles of Deputy Principal, Literacy Coach, Reading Recovery Teacher and Classroom Teacher.  She has a passion for Literacy, Explicit Instruction and ensuring students are ready to be successful citizens of the world.  Her vision for the school is for it to be a place that students and staff love to be, are proud of and that help them to achieve their goals.
Classroom Teachers
Kaela Blacker – Classroom Teacher 
Kaela has been a classroom teacher at the school since 2014 and has worked in the lower primary years in this time. She is a well organised teacher, who engages students successfully through the strong relationships she builds with them. Kaela meets the learning needs of her students through differentiation and by using a variety of teaching strategies. She takes part in the school community by being a member of the school Positive Behaviour for Learning team and supporting the implementation of the Science curriculum.
Kylie Bridge – Experienced Senior Teacher
Kylie has been at the school since 2012. She has worked for the department since 1995 and has taught all year levels from Prep to year 7. Kylie enjoys teaching the upper grades and being involved in Student Council and all it entails, as well as organising camps. Her passion is maths and science, especially when she can foster the same passion in her students. She would love to see the school continue to grow as a place student love to come to learn and parents feel comfortable, but most of all, everyone is proud of.
Rose Cubis – Experienced Senior Teacher
Rose has been at Glenore Grove since 2011, she has taught in a range of year levels during her time here. Rose is originally from New Zealand and has been in the teaching profession for approximately 20 years. Rose is enthusiastic about PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) and is also the literacy champion for the school. She enjoys positive relationships with her students and her parents and the wider school community and believes that all children have the ability to learn and develop into responsible and respectful members of society and she loves being able to be part of this development.
Laura Cooper – Classroom Teacher 
Laura came to the school at the beginning of 2018 after graduating from the University of Southern Queensland in 2017. With a pedagogical framework that is continuously growing and developing, she places students, their needs and interests at the core and is proficient at tailoring learning to incorporate students’ diverse interests, capturing their attention and imagination. As a teacher she aims to play a significant role in helping students to meet their fullest potential within a safe and supportive learning environment where they can grow and develop.
Anita Green – Classroom Teacher 
Anita has been the Prep teacher at Glenore Grove since the beginning of 2018. She has worked as a classroom teacher since mid 2014, previously working as a multi-age teacher of Prep, Year 1 and 2. She has studied a four-year degree of Psychology, and enjoys supporting the wellbeing, and social skills of all students. She has a passion for books of all complexities, how to tell a good story, and how best to incorporate songs, actions and roleplay into learning. Anita is proud of how the students progressing each year, and is thankful to have such a supportive and welcoming school.
Jordanna McDougall- Senior Classroom Teacher 
Jordanna has been teaching for 10 years. She started her teaching career as a P.E teacher, moving into general classroom teaching and Special Education. Jordanna started at GGSS in 2015 as the Special Education Teacher and has returned to the classroom. She enjoys teaching reading and taking on leadership roles within the school. She has a particular interest in behaviour management. Jordanna loves to celebrate successes of students, big and small, and enjoys working with families to make these goals a reality.
Samantha Rule- Year 4/5 Teacher
Samantha has been a teacher for the past 8 years, she has worked in a variety of schools within Ipswich and the Lockyer Valley. Samantha has been at Glenore Grove State School since the middle of 2014. Samantha has taught in a variety of year levels from prep to year 12; since being at Glenore Grove she has worked primarily in the 1/ 2 and 4 /5 year levels. Samantha thoroughly enjoys teaching literacy subjects and is enjoying her role as the Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum leader. Her vision for our school is to see it become a place where students are able to enjoy learning through a range of fun and challenging activities that engage each student in the diverse ways they all learn.
DLC and Specialist Teachers
Frank Belley – LOTE Teacher
Frank has been at the school since the beginning of 2017.  He brought years of tutoring experience, both from Australia and Japan, to the Department.  He has a passion for teaching languages and mathematics, especially algebra, which he views as an international language of symbols.  He believes that the government will only be able to pursue sustainable and sophisticated policies, if citizens of the future maintain their interest in a wide range of issues. 
Sandra has been HOSES of our DLC Cluster of Schools since the beginning of 2016 and has worked in the area of Special Education since 2002.   Sandra is passionate about helping class teachers and support staff to meet the diverse learning needs of our students and to ensure all students and their families are welcomed and included at our school.
Anne-Maree Drummond- Support Teacher Literacy and Numeracy
Anne-Maree is an experienced senior teacher and has worked for the Education Department for the last 30 years. Although graduating as a primary teacher with a major in early childhood she has, over the years, taught all year levels except Prep. She has been at Glenore Grove since 2005 and in 2016 took on the role as the support teacher for literacy and numeracy. She believes that every child can be successful and feels privileged to be part of a team that helps students achieve their learning goals.
Hayley Freemantle – Special Education & Technology Teacher 
Hayley has been a teacher at Glenore Grove since the end of 2015. She has worked in Education since 1995, where she qualified as a teacher in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.
Hayley has filled many teaching roles both in High and Primary school over the last 23 years. These include classroom teaching, specialist teaching, tutelage and National Geography competition writing. Hayley’s recent focus has been in the field of teaching Technology and Counselling while completing three diplomas in the aforementioned areas. Looking forward, Hayley would love to continue teaching at Glenore Grove and seeing students achieve their life outcomes successfully, in a safe and happy environment.
Larissa Hays – Music Teacher
Larissa has been the music teacher at Glenore Grove State School since 2015.  She has had a passion for the violin since she was 10 years old and ensuring that her students are involved in the culture of music in and outside the classroom.  Her vision for the school is for teachers, parents and students to enjoy and be involved in music events within the school and wider community.
Jessica Logan- Instrumental Teacher 
Jessica is a passionate Instrumental Music teacher who has completed a Bachelor or Music, Bachelor of Education and a Masters of Education majoring in Leadership and Organisations. After working out west in Roma and the surrounding towns for the past 4 years, Jessica had returned to the Lockyer Valley where she grew up to continue educating students in the art of Instrumental Music. Her teaching goals include educating instilling a passion for music in her students, as well as helping them learn resilience through practice and co-ordination through the honing of gross and fine motor skills.
Josie Moylan – Speech Therapist
Brett Rule – PE Teacher/P&C President/Adopt a Cop
Brett has been the PE Teacher at the school since 2017 and has been the schools adopt-a-cop since 2012. Brett has worked for the Education Department for over a decade, filing both a classroom and PE role in multiple schools both public and private. In recent times Brett has been the president pf the P&C and is passionate about providing the best for Glenore Grove State School. Brett’s vision for the school is to ensure that all students are protected and that Glenore Grove can be a safe place to learn and grow.
Louisa Schulz - Guidance Officer
Louisa has worked for Education Queensland for 8 years in a variety of settings including rural and remote education, music teaching, classroom teaching and specialising in Prep and early education. After realising her passion for student wellbeing, learning difficulties and mental health, Louisa completed a Masters degree in Guidance and Counselling and feels privileged to be working and making a difference in the lives of young people as they navigate through their schooling journey. Louisa visits Glenore Grove every Wednesday.
Teacher Aides
Dawn Ebborn
Suzanne Granzien
Suzanne has worked at Glenore Grove State School since 2005. In that time she has seen many positive changes and lots of students go through the school. Suzanne has enjoyed working with staff and students. Assisting students to reach their potential in education.
Suzanne has participated in many self-development courses to further her knowledge of assisting teachers and students in the classroom.
Suzanne has worked in various schools in the surrounding communities and worked in the Special Education Unit in Gatton where she achieved a "Certificate 3 in Education" before coming to Glenore Grove.
Michele Lyne
Michele has been part of the Glenore Grove school community since 2003 and has worked at our school since 2007. She has worked in many areas of our school including prep classroom, small group literacy intervention programs, all year levels for literacy and numeracy, as well as the office. She loves her work with all students and their families. She loves seeing our students work on their strengths and to help them succeed.  She has been involved in our positive behaviour program since its inception and likes to challenge herself to learn new skills to enhance her own skills and sharing these skills and her passion for learning with our students.
Lyndal Taylor
Nancy Timms
Nancy has worked for the Education Department as a Teacher Aide since 2011. Completing her     Cert 3 in Education in 2012.  Nancy joined the Glenore Grove Team in May 2014.  Nancy works throughout the whole school but specialises in delivering reading programmes to help the literacy of our students.  Nancy believes there is nothing like seeing the children understand something, especially when she has been working on it for a while and all of a sudden, they get it and it’s fabulous!  Nancy feels extremely grateful and blessed to be here.
Isabelle Redgrave
Isabelle, also known as Isy, has been a teacher aide at GGSS since 2011.  She has a good teacher, student and staff relationship.  In her time at GGSS she has enrolled in many different courses to improve her knowledge of working with children.  Isabelle is also a qualified swim teacher.   She loves making the school a happy place for all.
Administration and Support Staff
Cheryl Jensen – Business Manager
Cheryl is the Business Manager who has worked here at the Grove for nearly 12 years, as well as having worked in some other schools prior to taking up the position here. She looks after all the business processes to keep the school running smoothly, as well as being the helpful voice when you contact the school.
Chappy Tim - Chaplain
"Chappy Tim" Ormiston has been working as a Chaplain in Queensland schools since January 2013. He has experience working with and supporting young people and families in crisis. He is well trained in many areas with an Associate Degree in Theological Studies and a Diploma of Youth Work. Other training completed; Positive Parenting Program facilitator (Triple P), Group Crisis Intervention, Youth Mental Health First Aid, Spiritual and Psychological First Aid and others on topics including self harm, suicide, aggressive behaviors and many more. His most famously known as the Rocket Man and enjoys teaching students to build solid fuel model rockets. He wishes to see students and their families happy in life. He is married with 4 children, aged 10, 7, 5 and 1.
Hep Birse - Youth Support Officer
Brian Allison - Schools Officer
Last reviewed 31 January 2020
Last updated 31 January 2020